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We live in a digital world where everyone and everything is connected. People from almost every country on earth use social media channels in order to stay up to date on news, social relations, and their favorite brands. To make sure you’re visible online and enable your fans to connect with you, having a social media strategy is a key element in your online marketing efforts.



Social media for businesses and brands

Posting consistently is already a challenge, let alone being relevant in a digital world filled with a murmur from all the people and brands out there. Our digital marketing specialists always find ways for your brand to stand out in all this noise.

With a social media plan, tool, and calendar in place you’re already onto a good start. But before we fill in these aspects, we shouldn’t forget who we’re doing it for. To create a social media strategy that fits your target audiences, we first research who you want to be aiming your efforts to. After this, we decide which channels fit your audiences and set KPI’s— or key performance indicators— for every channel you’re going to be using.

Based on the channels, your buyer persona’s, and your goals we’ll start creating and distributing social media content. But your social media efforts don’t end after distributing social media content and possible campaigns. To measure the results of your social media efforts, we monitor the interactions and conversions with implemented pixels, social listening tools, and reports dashboards.

With the data generated from both organic and paid social media content, we optimize future efforts the better reach the audiences, improve engagement, and stimulate conversion.

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