Craft Commerce

Craft Commerce is one of our favorite e-commerce platforms. Not only is the environment flexible and easy to use, Craft also offers full customizability of your webshop. That gives you the possibility to build a webshop that seamlessly connects to your brand and organization.



Straightforward and flexible

Craft Commerce is a software application that supports companies in managing their webshop, sales, and stock. When you start selling online, you want to make it as easy and clear as possible for yourself. That is exactly what this e-commerce platform excels in.

For serious ambitions
Craft Commerce is content-driven. This means that you can set up your search and sales functions as efficiently as possible. Besides, you can also easily adapt the content revolving it. A perfect choice, therefore, for small and medium-sized businesses with serious growth ambitions. Do you want to offer online services to your customers? Craft Commerce is also a great choice for such applications.

Easy to use
Craft Commerce is 'placed' on top of your existing website, creating a seamless transition and one dedicated place where all adjustments are made. This dedicated place is extremely user-friendly because it is set up intuitively. Users do not need any technical knowledge to be able to handle it properly.

Scalable and multilingual
Connections with systems such as Afas and HubSpot are arranged easily. With Craft Commerce, you create a scalable, multilingual webshop in a smart and - not unimportantly - cost-efficient way.