Would you, as a consumer, prefer a brand that feels familiar or one that you cannot identify with? Think about it. Consumers are increasingly opting for companies that portray their human side. Companies that have a recognizable, identifiable personality. Your branding has a clear style aspect, and a truly strong brand uses photography that fits this style aspect seamlessly. An authentic photography style shows your target audiences who you are, what you do and how your brand works.


Visualize your brand

Create a unique style

Many brands underestimate the importance of characteristic photos and use stock photography instead. That’s a pity, as personal photography has the ability to show the unique, human aspects of your brand. Using personal photos sets you apart from your competitors that use stock photography. We recommend creating one specific style of photography that is unique to your brand and clearly communicates your individuality. That way, you’ll create visual material that not only makes your brand identifiable, but that also conveys the characteristics of your brand consistently.

Photography serves as an extension of your brand story and takes on a number of forms. From creating an image database to capturing product photography, campaign imagery or portraits: working on your visual identity in a systematic way is of utmost importance. Introduce your photographer to your brand, tell him or her about its characteristics and draw up a shot list. That way, both parties know exactly what is to be made, and you will know exactly what to expect.

At Wirelab, we have a couple of dedicated photographers who have made it their mission to always capture the essence of a brand in their pictures. As the saying goes: “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”. So enough with the chit chat, go on and take a look at a few of our favorite photos our photographers shot for some of our customers.

A selection from our portfolio

Have a look!