Visual Campaigns

Have you already experimented with social media or display advertising within your organization? The right concept, copy, and visual material can make or break your campaign. Knowing how to put the right elements together make sure you stand out in an overpopulated visual landscape is a straightforward process. If you know how.


Original, creative, on-brand

The process

Whether you already have a concept completely worked out, you have no idea how to start, or if you are anywhere in between; our team is ready to help you out. First and foremost, the idea has to be original, creative, and on-brand. Making sure you connect with your audience with a visual campaign is the first step towards success.

This is a vital step, as your audience has an abundance of choice these days. Think of what you can do in terms of delivering value to your specific audience and make sure to understand your market in order to attain the best result.

Once a value-generating idea is in place, choosing the right formats and media depends on your audience. Why? Simply because you want to interact with your audience in their preferred ways, reaching them wherever they are. Should it be a video commercial, a social ad, a still photograph or a combination of them all? Get this clear and the production will be a whole lot smoother!

So now you have a bunch of visual material, but no campaign. Where do you go from here? If you’re doing it right, you have chosen your platforms and defined your target audiences prior to creating any visuals. What’s left is to produce copy that matches each of them and get live. Simple right? Not so quick! This isn’t the end; if anything it’s the start. Turning your visuals into an actual campaign is not as easy as it sounds. Make sure you get marketing involved to set up your campaigns in the most profitable way: based on your KPI’s and audiences.

Once the campaign goes live, daily monitoring will help you stay on track and makes sure you are not wasting advertising budget on audience groups that are non-responsive. Not worrying, accepting flexibility and being able to adjust swiftly are the final keys to success.

These are the steps. But how can we fill that in for you, your organization, and your brand? Get in touch so we can start brainstorming for your next big campaign.

Visual Campaigns

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