Dacia Duster Hunt

A car build for adventure

Some cars are more than vehicles: the Dacia Duster certainly is one of them. It combines a sleek and tough exterior with onboard luxury aimed at making life comfortable. Dacia wanted to bring the Duster to the attention of a new consumer base.

The key was to engage people and provide them with a positive brand experience, through an immersive campaign that focussed on the adventurous side of the car.

Treasure hunting with the Dacia Duster

The campaign represents visual storytelling at it’s finest. It started off with a video where the challenge was explained: four treasure caches were buried in a far away forest on an undisclosed location and everyone was invited to find them. For the duration of the campaign, several more video’s were spread over social media and www.daciadusterhunt.nl with tips and hints to help narrow the locations down.

Through an online interactive platform, hopeful Treasure Hunters could start their search and mark down their preferred locations in the actual forest. The luckiest Treasure hunters were rewarded with their own Dacia Duster adventure, including the opportunity to test drive this bad ass car for a whole weekend in the Ardennes.

Just for you

Treasure hunters could log into the campaign with their Facebook account or e-mail. The information was then used to customize all forms of communication, enhancing the immersive feeling by providing a personal experience.

Online Treasure Hunting in the real world

We recreated a 360° digital version of the forest through the use of extensive on-set photography. Visitors could look around, zoom in and pick their preferred treasure spots. The site was build in EmberJS, allowing an uninterrupted flow where visitors were easily activated to continue the journey.

Background sounds, animations and an effortless switch between the digital forest and site information made the one-pager feel like a singular application and experience.


We created interactive eye-catching banners with HTML5 and Flash. The banners created a sense of mystery and adventure with a clear call to action, while the larger Billboard versions included parts of the treasure hunt video’s to enhance the excitement.

CRM integration

Treasure hunting is fun, but at the end of the day gathering information is what counts. The option to receive brochures or request a test drive were not treated as extra’s, but as central to the flow. This way visitors could request brochures and test drives without interrupting their experience, which led to a significant increase in all brochure and test drive requests.


The campaign kicked so much ass that Dacia is having another go at it! Want to experience the thrill and find the treasure? The Dacia Duster Hunt campaign will start again soon, but this time in Belgium!

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