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Breathe new life into a tired, old website

GP Elite offers race training for everyone, from experienced drivers to those getting behind the racing wheel for the first time. They provide incredible racing experiences for racers and racing enthusiasts from all over the world. They came to us with an existing website which was in need of some mechanics to give the brand a new lease of life. The website was out of date and out of style, and did not reflect the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled industry of racing. So, it was time for our design and development team to fuel up and work some of their magic to deliver GP Elite with a website that represented them and their customers.

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Revving up the visuals

We made sure GP Elite’s website represented everything that they do. From race training to engineering, we gave every aspect of the company the attention it deserves. All without ever losing focus on the e-commerce element of the site. We wanted the new website to live and breathe racing on every single page and the first thing we wanted to do was introduce a new colour palette.

The website’s colours and visuals had to reflect the excitement of the sport which led us to the new, sleek red and black theme. We also wanted to introduce bigger, bolder, brighter images throughout the website so that wherever the visitor is on the site, they can see all of the incredible cars, drivers and experiences of GP Elite.


Climbing the ‘Raceladder’

The new GP Elite website is now home to our custom-made Raceladder, the interactive training level display taking the racing world by storm.

Site visitors can now find out exactly where they are on the ladder with their current race training and click on any other level to find out more information on how they themselves can get there. Allowing visitors to find the race training that is perfect for them at their level and providing them with everything they need to know to level up!


Putting the brakes on our old CMS strategy

We decided to change things up in this project when it came to our CMS strategy. We needed a LOT of flexibility from our CMS platform to allow us to develop the website we had envisioned for GP Elite. So, we welcomed Umbraco to the stage, a CMS that would seamlessly integrate with the GP Elite website and products. Umbraco enabled our developers to build each page exactly how they wanted to build them. Providing us with the tools we needed to build the website we wanted. We could decide which aspects of each page would be rendered and how this would be done, meaning we were in total control of the mark-up used to build the website. We were also able to add in any fields we wanted, from a simple textbox to a specific link to even using Google Maps.


Making Way For Buckaroo

One of the most important features of the GP Elite website was going to be their ecommerce management and enabling their payment provider, Buckaroo, to work with the new website. Luckily, we could easily integrate Vendr, a third party ecommerce platform, which was specifically designed for Umbraco to use for the site. Vendr even allowed us to build a brand new payment provider add-on to ensure GP Elite could continue to use Buckaroo.
We know what you’re thinking, how can I get this incredible new Vendr add-on for myself? Well, in the spirit of open-source we shared the results with the rest of the world and you can check it out for yourself, here!


A Tone of Voice To Keep the Pace

GP Elite’s new website doesn’t just tell its visitors what training to take. It provides them with all of the information they need on why that training is perfect for them and how to get started. With this much informative content, we had to ensure that the tone of voice reflected the expertise of the team whilst still bringing the excitement of the world of car racing to the site. So, we kept our content tight using smart, editorial language dispersed amongst high-quality, bold visuals to keep the design alive and engaging.


Racing up the Google ranks

As with any website nowadays, you’ve gotta take search engines into consideration if you want people to find your site. With GP Elite, we knew that their target audience would often search for their team drivers and what better opportunity for SEO and SEA than that? Through the driver profile pages we included on the website, now whenever anyone searches for the name of a driver, GP Elite will be one of the top SERPs. Hello increased web traffic!


A new website ready for the tracks

The new and improved GP Elite represents the brand and the industry they are a part of. With interactive elements, bold visual choices and a high-performing ecommerce capability the new website has been put into high gear.

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