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Communicating the innovative Evoworks character online

Evoworks is an e-commerce marketing agency. On a daily basis, the company helps its clients with success-boosting marketing activities, ranging from SEA and SEO to internationalization and email marketing. After rapid growth, the outdated website no longer matched with the innovative character of Evoworks. Time for an optimized online experience: an improved look and feel, customer journey and proper showcasing of the skills and work of the team.

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A full-service approach for an award-worthy end result

Evoworks knocked on our doors with a challenging project: the company was looking for support in creating an appropriate visual identity that would help them to stand out in their sector and that would focus on Evoworks' expertise. The innovative character of the company deserved a new look and we assisted in achieving this by combining the knowledge of all our disciplines. Our design, development and marketing teams contributed to the realization of this project. We were given the freedom to propose multiple design directions to help the client discover what they were looking for in visual terms. After defining the scope, we started a streamlined and smooth process and took the client along in the creation and development of their new website.


Let the website tell a clear story

Evoworks clearly defined their goals, which simplified the process. In addition to an award-worthy design and a clear translation of the brand, the company was looking for a site that was highly functional, but not boring. Our designers set to work to design a website that broadcasts the perfect combination of functionality and experience. Together with the client, a mood board session was held to determine which current branding elements we would include in the design. We complemented this with other interaction-enhancing elements that appear throughout the website - such as the custom-made page transition and page loader. In the end, our creative team came up with a design that includes various animations and motion and allows the visitor to enter into a fullscreen experience. This optimal user experience guides the visitor through the online customer journey and converts the visitor from lead to customer.


A personal touch

Our designated photographer consulted with the client to draw up a shot list and determine the required images. By consciously photographing the employees 'in the face', the website becomes warmer and more personal. Different settings were created to fill the client’s image database. In addition, our photographer shot a portrait of all employees in line with the company's corporate identity. Together with the client we then matched which images fit which pages.


The development of customized animations and icons

To turn the website into a combination of functionality and experience, as per the client’s wishes, our teams designed and developed custom animations and icons. For example, you will find a tailor-made page loader coherent to the corporate identity of Evoworks. The page transitions and drag effects were visualized and exported by our designers, after which our developers built them. These elements assist in setting the underlying focus on transferring information, optimizing the user experience and converting visitors into customers.


Custom JavaScript and numerous libraries run the website

Also on a technical level, this website encompasses more than your average project. By using various Javascript Libraries, such as Bodymovin, our developers started with the development of a Craft CMS website. We wrote a considerable amount of custom JavaScript code so that all the animations on the website work exactly as our designers had visualized. The client got access to the acceptance environment, which is set exactly as how the live environment will eventually be. This work structure ensures that we can quickly interact and connect with the client.


The delivery of a special project

We are happy with the internal process between the multiple teams. All our disciplines have contributed to the realization of this project and the outcome is exactly as we had hoped. The many elements of this project make it special. From custom animations and personal photography to the freedom in design and the migration of the wiki and old blogs for reuse: a smooth collaboration, both internally and externally, was absolutely necessary to deliver what we aimed for.


An optimal process, a successful result

Combining the knowledge and expertise of our specialists has resulted in a website that converts. One that clearly tells the story of Evoworks. One that is anything but boring and stands out in the online marketing sector. Tailor-made in many aspects. Our conclusion? Goal achieved, project successful. And that's not only our opinion, luckily our client thinks so too.


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