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A National Incentive, A Local Movement

The Dutch central government is on a mission to increase energy savings nationwide by 1.5% per year to cut the country’s carbon emissions. But how do you flip the switch in people’s minds & inspire a city to do more with less?

Well, if education begins at home, it was time for this incentive to go local. We rounded up every Wirelab department to generate the creative sparks we needed to energise a movement.

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Energieloket Enschede
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The Branding

A New Brand Identity

As part of our pitch for the campaign, we presented a bold, fresh new logo and full brand book. Defining their brand identity and bolstering the campaign by showcasing an organization which was contemporary, relevant and ready to help a city take its first steps into an energy efficient future. All we needed after that was a tagline that could capture the moment...

The Message

'Use Less, Do More'

To inspire most people to change the way they live their lives, you first have to show what’s in it for them. How can using less energy bring more to their lives? Our tagline, “Use Less, Do More,” highlights all the things you’d rather spend your energy on than...well, your energy. Encouraging the people of Enschede to start "saving together" and reinvest the money they've saved on energy into local experience and business.

The Build Up

The Green Envelope, Coming to a Mailbox Near You

We had our campaign concept and we had our target audience. So, what next? It was time to build some momentum with the arrival of the green envelope. We produced targeted, engaging social media videos complete with a humorous twist to excite Enschede about their energy saving future. The green letter encouraged recipients to download the Energieloket Enschede app where they can create their own account, access their ‘My Savings Account’, shop and begin to track their progress with ‘My Energy Counter.’ Keeping on top of your energy expenditure has never been simpler!

The Local Campaign

Time to Hit the Town

We left no bus stop un-postered in this campaign. Whether you were running for the bus, taking a trip to the local Gemeente or taking a stroll around town chances are you would’ve encountered one of our Energieloket Enschede promotional visuals. Using bright, optimistic visuals and strategic poster positioning throughout the city we created a genuine community spirit and incentive surrounding this fantastic energy initiative.

The Energie Ambassadors & Coaches

The People Behind the Movement

Now that people knew about this ambition for energy efficiency within the city. We wanted to give a face to the movement with the Energy Ambassadors and allow Enschede residents to see the people who have already got onboard and are benefitting from their reduced energy consumption and extra pocket money. Featuring energy savers and local businesses alike. Inspiring them to ramp up the volume in their own efforts to conserve energy and reinvest it in what matters.

The Website

Time to Turn Up the Watts

Next up, we had to ensure that the website we were leading the people of Enschede to visit was a good place to be. With over 19,000 web visits and 33,000 web sessions since the campaign began and 45% of those visits being return visitors, it’s fair to say that goal has been well and truly achieved. But, how?

Together with the client we created a user flow ensuring that the website had everything it needed to optimise the movement. We introduced the new branding across the web design and gave the whole online space a personal touch with real stories available throughout its pages. Sharing visual and written content to help visitors identify with the reason behind using less and doing more.

Meanwhile, the website’s structure created a welcoming, accessible user experience which could take you from energy saving novice to conservation connoisseur within just a few clicks. Something which we made sure translated onto the mobile site too which is now the most popular channel for Energieloket Enschede online visitors.

The CMS Platform

Umbraco Lit the Way

The Energieloket Enschede website certainly had a lot to handle. It was going to be the virtual home to educational content, inspiring user stories, an ecommerce hub and individual account handler for energy savers across the city. Complete with a custom ‘Consumption Monitor’ to help aspiring savers to stay ahead of the game on their energy consumption and stay on track. Umbraco offered us the opportunity to achieve all of the above in one flexible, sophisticated CMS. Particularly when it came to web page content with Umbraco’s exceptional content block editor and e-commerce capabilities.

Why Umbraco?

Umbraco: A Whitepaper by Wirelab


The E-commerce

My Savings Shop

One of the most important aspects of the new Energieloket Enschede website was the My Savings Shop. An online shop which offered anything an aspiring energy saver could need from LED lights to door draft stoppers. Our web design ensured that web visitors could gather all of the information they needed to kickstart their energy saving journey and put that immediately into action with their own ‘My Savings Shop’ all under one digital roof. All linked to their own online account which allowed them to convert points to spend.

The Payment System

Pay By Points

Does anyone remember cash? Nope, us neither. Energieloket Enschede embraced the dominance of digital currency and took it one step further with a pay by points system available via their online shop or mobile app. A payment system which we were able to implement via Umbraco and its handy e-commerce solution, Vendr. Meaning that Energieloket Enschede is able to manage all of their online content and ecommerce activities, including implementing discounting for sales, all from one simple, flexible CMS hub. A spending solution which has worked seamlessly to welcome over 11,000 orders placed and 320,000 points spent since we went live.

The Reach

A Movement for Everyone

The incentive to use less and do more is accessible for everyone and a movement which everyone can get onboard with. Something which has been well reflected in our results with a diverse range of genders and age groups visiting the Energieloket Enschede site, in fact our most frequent web visitors are over 65 year olds, who said they weren’t tech savvy?

Not to mention a national reach as Energieloket Enschede has not only caught the eye of the people of Enschede. We’ve welcomed visitors from cities across the country. Whether it’s Utrecht, Haaksbergen, Amsterdam or Rotterdam, this is a campaign with national appeal.

The Results

A Campaign That Didn’t Waste Any Energy

This was a full service marketing solution which involved a collaboration across all of our departments and external partners to bring together an energetic online and offline campaign capable of sparking the interest of Enschede.

This local movement has proved that big changes start with small decisions with Enschede having already saved over 4,067,226 kWhs of electricity and 921,912 m² of gas since we went live. With a little conversion, this equates to €1,687,299.00 saved by the city meaning they are well on their way to reaching their €5,085,245.00 goal.

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