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Dorst & Lesser



Matching Dorst & Lesser’s vibrant energy with a fiery new website

Dorst & Lesser is a creative social agency that enables businesses and brands to break through the noise of the online world by helping them tell their own unique impactful story. Their brand is brave, bold, and incredibly social - and their website needed to feel the same.

Instead, their website wasn’t reflective of who they are at heart or what they are truly capable of. A company that prides itself in telling impactful stories deserves to have a website that can tell their own - and that’s precisely what they asked us to do.


Old friends working together for profound results

Dorst & Lesser is a long-time partner of ours. After years of working together on campaigns for clients like Renault and Transavia, we felt honored when they chose us to redesign their website to match their true corporate style. Being the creative agency that they are, a hundred and one new ideas sprang up throughout the process: more animations, bigger header videos, and ground-shaking typography. On our side, our teams knew just how to make their ideas into reality, whilst keeping everything focused and within scope. The result? A profound new website that leaves you convinced that they know what they’re doing, from the moment you set eyes on it.


A visual website for a visual industry

The world of social is flashy and vibrant, so Dorst & Lesser needed a website that dynamically showcases the spirited campaigns they create for the big brands they work with. To do this, we designed the website to greet its visitors with colorful gifs flashing on a loop. As things go spinning and models smize at you, the visitor gets an impression of the campaigns Dorst & Lesser has done while being locked in by all the movement.


The little things that leave a big impression

The website keeps visitors’ attention on lock using vivid colors and subtle motion. Big blocks of color and heavy-set typography stand out to make a case, while automated image sliders showcase Dorst en Lesser’s previous projects and behind the scenes shots. But it’s the little details that make all the difference: images start to move when you mouse over them, and dozens of micro animations give scrolling down the screen an extra touch. Whether daring and confrontational or small and subtle, the website’s elements come together to leave a bold first impression.


A flashy frontend supported by a solid backend

Dorst & Lesser’s website wasn’t just supposed to make its visitors’ jaws drop - it also needed to convert them into leads. How did we make sure that this would happen? By focusing the website on their stories, cases, and contact forms. As these pages rely heavily on text blocks and visuals, a content-rich website like this can easily become too much to handle from the CMS side. Our development team made sure that the back-end in Craft CMS had a clean, solid, and organized structure so that the website administrators would have no problems helping the website do its job at converting visitors into leads.


A website that says ‘We are Dorst & Lesser, and we love social!’

At Wirelab, we’ve come to know Dorst & Lesser’s story inside and out. Now, through their new website, everyone else can get to know it too. Are you curious now? Check out their new website and you’ll see what we mean. Whether we’re tasked with building something that moves and converts, that catches the eye, or that does all those things: our design and development teams are ready to serve. Through their new website, Dorst & Lesser can show their true energy and astound their visitors with the things they are capable of. Now they have a website that clearly says ‘We are Dorst & Lesser, and we love social!’

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